Annual Meeting of the Congregation

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Annual Meeting of the Congregation

Once a year, the members of Trinity United Church come together and choose the road to follow. Annual meetings of the congregation are typically held at the end of February or the beginning of March. You can always check the Church Calendar to reserve the date.

We have the opportunity — and the responsibility — at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation of Trinity United Church, to decide how best to build our shared future. The Annual Report lays out our recent performance and the proposed actions that we will need to take. There is much work to be done "Till we have built Jerusalem,/ In [this] green & pleasant Land."

Purpose of Meeting

At our annual meeting, we are responsible for:

  1. electing a chair and a secretary of the annual meeting;
  2. receiving the annual reports (see below) from the official board, committees, and other groups in the congregation;
  3. electing the chair of the official board and the presbytery representatives; and
  4. considering and making a decision on the draft annual budget.

Quorum and Voting

A meeting of the congregation may take place only if at least 20 full members are present. Voting must be by secret ballot unless the congregation decides on another way of voting. Proxy voting or voting by mail-in ballots is not permitted.


The by-laws of the United Church of Canada are contained in the Manual. The by-laws set out how Trinity may choose to structure itself, the roles and responsibilities of office holders, and how meetings are to be held.

Annual Report

The official board reports to the congregation at least annually on:

  1. the life and work of the congregation; and
  2. the congregation’s financial situation, with details of all income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

You can download an abridged version of the 2017 annual report, below. For copies of the financial reports, please visit Trinity in person.