Trinity United Church's History

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

History of Trinity United Church

In 1862, some members of Erskine Presbyterian church downtown, who lived in the area we now know as Rosemount, formed the Petite Côte Mission, originally as a Sunday School.

In 1876, Taylor Presbyterian Church was formed, and in 1880, Taylor Presbyterian built a new church on Papineau Street.

By 1882, evening services were being held at the Petite Côte Mission.

In the early 1900s the Hochelaga Methodist congregation worshipped in a little red brick building on Marlborough Street.

Rosemount Methodist Church was founded around 1905, meeting in private homes at first.

In 1910, the Petite Côte congregation moved into the assembly hall of Rosemount Public School (now Nesbitt School). Two years later, Rosemount Methodist built a church on 4th Avenue.

In 1912, the Petite Côte congregation constructed a building to serve as a lecture hall, recreational centre as well as a church. That building, that we now refer to as Trinity's "old building," was called Rosemount Presbyterian Church.

Rosemount Presbyterian Church, later called Rosemount First United Church.

In 1914, the Hochelaga Methodist congregation built a new church on Pie IX Boulevard and chose the name Trinity Methodist Church.

In 1925, Methodist, Congregational and most Presbyterian churches in Canada joined together to form the United Church of Canada. With the formation of the United Church, Rosemount Presbyterian became Rosemount First United Church, Rosemount Methodist became Rosemount Central United Church and Trinity Methodist became Trinity United Church. In that same year, Taylor Presbyterian joined with East End Methodist to become Taylor-East End United Church.

In 1926, Rosemount Central built a new church on 4th Avenue, and in 1927, Trinity (Pie IX) dedicated a new sanctuary.

In 1929, Presbyterians, who had decided not to join the United Church of Canada, built Kydd Memorial Presbyterian Church on Rosemount Blvd.

In 1932, Zion United joined Taylor-East End United. Two years later, Taylor-East End & Zion United changed its name to St. Stephen's United Church.

Memorial Hall, when it was the sanctuary of Rosemount First United Church.

In 1956, Mountrose United Church was formed with services held in Mountrose School.

In 1959, St. Stephen's United and Rosemount Central United formed a pastoral charge together. During that same year, Rosemount First United built a new sanctuary and it dedicated on February 13, 1960. This is what Trinity still calls our "new building."

In 1962, St. Stephen's United and Rosemount Central United amalgamated, at first voting for the name St. Stephen's Rosemount, but a year later, adopting the name Mount Stephen United Church. In 1964, Mount Stephen United and Mountrose United amalgamated.

In 1970, Rosemount First United Church, Trinity United Church and Mount Stephen United Church amalgamated into one congregation, using the building of one of the churches, the name of another and the minister of the third.

Together, Trinity United Church and Anjou United Church, in 2009, formed the Trinity-Anjou Pastoral Charge and share a minister, Rev. Read Sherman.

(Anjou United Church holds their services on Sundays at 9:00 AM. Their address is 7951 Dade Place, Anjou, Quebec.)

Most recently, St. George's United amalgamated with Trinity United on June 30, 2012.