Trinity United Church Leadership

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Leadership at Trinity United Church

Management of Trinity United Church's affairs is transparent, respects the free and open participation of the church's members and is designed to enable the people of God to exercise their ministry in building up the body of Christ through worship, reconciliation, evangelism and outreach, service, and the seeking of justice.
— Sheri Cameron, Chair of the Official Board


The various forms of spiritual leadership in the United Church of Canada can be expressed in the following expressions:

  • enlivening worship and celebrating the sacraments;
  • interpreting and passing on Christian tradition;
  • responding to the needs of the community and the world;
  • nurturing faith, making the wisdom of the ages relevant for today;
  • building up the community of faith as the beloved community of God;
  • embodying the presence of Christ in the world.

Rev. Read Sherman


Pastoral Charge

Trinity is part of a Pastoral Charge with Anjou United, with whom we share our minister and organist.

Trinity-Anjou Pastoral Charge is governed by the Pastoral Charge Council, which meets whenever an issue comes up that affects both congregations.

The Council has representation from the various committees and boards from both congregations.

Council Chair

Philip Massarelli

Chair, Pastoral Charge Council


The members of the Congregation who are entitled to vote at all meetings are persons in full membership and whose names are on the roll of the Congregation.

At its annual meeting or some other meeting, the Congregation receives the annual reports, holds elections for such positions as Chairperson of the Official Board, and transacts any other business regularly brought before it. At the annual meeting, the Congregation considers and makes a decision upon the draft annual current receipts and current expense budget, and the draft annual capital expense budget.

The Congregation at its annual meeting elects a Chairperson who holds office until the next annual meeting.

Congregation Chair

Gary Tompkins

Chair, Congregation

Official Board

The Official Board is the group of members who oversees the Congregation's life and work. It attends to such matters as, among other things:

  • submitting to the Congregation, for its consideration, reports on the life and work of the church;
  • submitting to the Congregation, for its consideration and decision, a full statement of receipts and expenditures, of assets and liabilities, and of estimated current receipts and current expenses, and capital expenses, for the ensuing year;
  • considering and making a decision upon the draft annual current receipt and current expense budget, and the draft annual capital expense budget;
  • securing contributions for the support of the total work of the United Church, including the necessary budget for the work of the Congregation and givings for the Mission and Service Fund;
  • authorizing the borrowing of funds for the day-to-day operations of the Congregation;
  • giving lawful orders and directions to the Trustees concerning matters of property;
  • attending to matters affecting the Congregation not assigned to any of the other bodies.

The Congregation at its annual meeting elects a Chairperson of the Official Board, who holds office until the next annual meeting.

It is the duty of the Official Board to appoint a Treasurer.

Board Chair

Sheri Cameron

Chair, Official Board


Beverley Bridgman



Session oversees the spiritual interests of the Congregation and has oversight of:

  • the admission of persons into full membership, their removal, and the granting of certificates of transfer of membership;
  • the administration of the sacraments;
  • the religious training of the young, and the organization of meetings for Christian fellowship, instruction, and work;
  • the order of public worship, including the service of praise and the use of the church edifice;
  • the care of the poor, and the visiting of the sick.

Session also has the added responsibility:

  • to keep the roll of the Congregation, clearly recording the date of admission, transfer, removal, suspension, or other action concerning each member;
  • to keep the record of children and adherents;
  • to keep the register of baptisms, marriages, and burials;
  • to ensure support of senior adults in the Congregation.

The Chairperson of the Session is elected from among the members of the Session. The duty of the Chairperson is to preside at meetings, to preserve order, to take the vote, and to announce the decisions of the Session.

The Clerk of Session is elected from among the members of the Session. The Clerk of Session keeps the records of proceedings.

Session Chair

Gary Tompkins

Chair, Session

Session Clerk

Shirley Cartmill

Clerk, Session

Committee of Stewards

The management of the temporal and financial affairs of the Congregation is entrusted to the Committee of Stewards.

The Committee of Stewards has the responsibility:

  • to assist the Official Board in securing contributions for the ministry of the Congregation;
  • to disburse the money received for that purpose, in accordance with the capital expense budget and the current expense budget approved by the Congregation or the Official Board;
  • in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, to make recommendations to the Official Board regarding capital expenditures.

The Committee of Stewards also reports the financial condition of the Congregation to the regular meetings of the Official Board, and supplies the Official Board with a copy of its annual report to the Congregation, as well as the statement showing the estimated amounts required to carry on the work for the ensuing year, prior to the annual meeting.

The Committee of Stewards elects annually from among its members a Chairperson and a Treasurer.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees discharges such duties and exercises such powers as are set out in the Model Trust Deed. The Board of Trustees obeys all lawful orders and directions respectively of the Official Board. Subject to certain exceptions, all lands, premises, and Real Property and Personal Property acquired for the use of the Congregation are held, used, and administered under the Model Trust Deed.

The Trustees elect a Chairperson from among themselves.

Trustees Chair

David Ingham

Chair, Trustees