Monthly Giving to Trinity United Church

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Monthly Giving to Trinity United Church

We need your financial support now and every month so that we can continue to offer stimulating Sunday School programming for the children, keep our musical instruments playing at their best for your inspiration, and pay for all those things that keep a church warm and running.

About Monthly Giving

The United Church's monthly giving program is called PAR, or Pre-Authorized Remittance. It is a direct debit program that allows you to support your church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account. The United Church of Canada administers the program, on our behalf, following your wishes (e.g., X amount for Trinity United Church expenses and Y amount for the Mission and Service Fund).

Once a month, your PAR givings are debited from your bank account and then electronically transferred, less a service fee, to Trinity United Church's account.

The United Church of Canada charges Trinity 50 cents per debit per month in administrative fees (with a cap at $45). There is no charge to you. The monthly fee charged to Trinity helps to offset the costs related to bank charges, promotion of PAR, and the staff who administer the program. These fees have remained constant for several years.

Giving through PAR is Easy

Anybody can contribute financially to Trinity United Church through PAR; you don't have to be a member of our church.

It's easy.

Simply download this easy-to-read form, fill in the basic information required and then mail it to us, along with your voided cheque.

Send your completed form to us, at:

Trinity United Church


3050 Rosemont Blvd.

Montreal, QC

H1Y 1M2.

We'll take care of the rest, including sending you your tax receipt.

Our future depends on the financial suport of good people like you. We thank you.