Sunday Services at Trinity United Church

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sunday Services at Trinity United Church

At Trinity United Church, we believe that it is up to us to reach out to others in our community and invite them to participate in our congregation to hear the Good News. Jesus didn't sit around on a rock waiting for his disciples to walk by and say, “Hey! I want to follow you!” Instead, He sought them out and invited them, saying, “Come and follow me.” We, too, are followers of Jesus and we are now calling out to you, Come join us.

When you first walk in the doors, you'll probably see people busily milling about getting prepared for the service. Don't be shy, just come on in and introduce yourself! As you approach the sanctuary, you will be greeted with a warm smile and a handshake and given a hymnal and a bulletin. The hymnal contains the music we sing during worship and the bulletin will tell you the order of the worship as well as important information and announcements.

Sunday Morning

11:00 AM




12:00 PM

Worship Service

Sunday School (ages 1-5)

Sunday School (ages 6-12)

Sunday School (ages 13 & up)

Coffee and snacks


Sunday School, rm. 1

Sunday School, rm. 2

Tower Room


Got the Message? The Sunday Sermon

Dear Friends: One of the privileges of being a minister at Trinity is the opportunity to speak in Sunday worship. Typically, "the message" seeks to lift up elements of biblical wisdom and relate that wisdom to the everyday joys and struggles of life. It is meant to provide food for thought for the week ahead, helping us remember that God, Christ and Spirit are active, loving forces with which we can align our lives. Far from being a lecture, sermons are best understood as a dialogue between the speaker and the listener. In this spirit, I humbly invite you to join in the dialogue!

Blessings in Christ,

— Rev. Read Sherman

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May God bless you!

— Rev. Read Sherman

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