Trinity United Church's Vision

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Vision Statement:

Inviting All to Share and Grow in God's Love . . .

As we perform work in the church and in the community it is important for us to be focused on something. The Vision Statement provides a framework for us to use as we plan and perform the activities we do in this community. These nine words encompass in them a lot of meaning. So let's examine this statement word-by-word and see how it all fits together.


Inviting is the first word and probably one of the most important. In the context of the church we can see that this word becomes not a quality of our congregation but an active process in which we can all participate. Trinity United believes that it is up to us to reach out to others in our community and invite them to participate in our congregation and to hear the Good News. Jesus didn't sit around on a rock waiting for his disciples to walk by and say, "Hey! I want to follow you!" He sought out these men and invited them by saying, "Come and follow me," and as the followers of Jesus we are called to be "fishers of men" to also seek out others.


All may be one of the most challenging words because it speaks directly to the question of “who do we want in our church family?”. The word “All” is a completely inclusive word. That is to say that no one is excluded from an invitation into our church. Jesus commonly invited the lowly and despised into his circle of friends, and so we, like Jesus, do not limit to whom this invitation is extended. When we use the word “All” we understand that this invitation to join Jesus through participation in the life and works of Trinity comes directly from God and is only being passed on by us. The invitation is open to all, but it is up to us to make sure “All” people receive it.


We all learn from a very young age that it's important to Share. As children we are urged to share our toys with other children or our siblings. As teenagers we may need to learn to share the car with the rest of the family. And as adults we learn to share not just our resources, but our emotions, concerns, joys, triumphs, and failures with others. We share the joy with others that we receive from a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and we will share the joys of others as they experience it.


The word "Grow" means "to get bigger", but in our church lives, we grow in spiritual awareness, we grow in our faith, and we grow in our understanding of the Word of God. The church is a planted seed, and our fertilizers are dedication to the church family, inspiration, innovation, love, trust, and many others.

In God's Love

The last words of the Vision Statement are "in God's Love." This short phrase qualifies all of the other things that we're doing in the church. It answers the question of "Why?" "Why are we inviting people to church?" "Why are we sharing and growing?" It is because of God's Love.

. . .

Finally, there is the elipsis — the three dots ". . .". These indicate to us that all those things we do, such as inviting, sharing, growing, and working in God's love are ongoing processes. The church is not a static place, and our vision is one of action.

Mission Statement

Trinity United Church is a member of the United Church of Canada. We are a small, friendly, Christian community who are called by Jesus Christ to gather together to worship, celebrate God, and to live out our faith in our relationships, our families and workplaces. We are caring human beings, actively sharing fellowship and spirituality. We are concerned with the global community and seeking to find our way in troubled times.

Following the example of Jesus Christ we are called to:

  • Become the people God wants us to be.
  • Reach out.
  • Work cooperatively with others.
  • Live in harmony with God's creation.
  • Commit to better understand today's needs and react responsibly to them.

The following materials provide us with the basis of our beliefs and govern our practices:

  • The Holy Bible
  • The Creed of the United Church of Canada
  • The Manual of the United Church of Canada

We welcome all to join us in our journey.